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Anti-Racist and Equity Based Biological Anthropology Pedagogy

This past year Liz Soluri and I developed a set of exercises for instructors teaching undergraduate curriculum in Biological Anthropology. Norton asked us to put together the types of activities/exercises that we already both using in our Introductory level courses, along with some general teaching tips on anti-racist and equity based teaching. The result is a group of module exercises (that we call 'DIGGING DEEPER INTO CONTEMPORARY BIOANTHROPOLOGY") that instructors can use in their courses that highlight particularly interesting contributions that women and people of color make to our discipline. This includes work by BIPOC (African, African American, Black, Native American, Asian, Asian American, and Latinx/Latine) scholars. These assignments aim counteract the Eurocentric focus (focus particularly on the work of men, Europeans, and European-Americans) often used in biological anthropology and the sciences more generally. .

Norton is distributing these to adopters of our lab manual book, but Liz and I wanted to share these as an open source for all instructors. The exercises come with instructions on how to implement them (and equity based teaching methods more generally at the end of the document), and have both short stakes and longer writing evaluations for each module. Feel free to use, adapt, and share (and cite links and authors appropriately!

Soluri_Agarwal_Digging Deeper BioAnthro Excercises &Anti Racist Equity Based Pedagogy
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